Discounted Cash-flow (DCF) Calculator

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What Is the Discounted Cash-flow Model?

Discounted Cash-flow Model is a quantitative method that calculates a company’s stock price based on the sum of all future free cash flow earned from that company at a discount rate. This discount rate factors in time and risk. Let’s say you lend your friend 100 USD and the friend returned you 100 USD back after 5 years. The value of 100 after 5 years is not the same as it is today. Your 100 could earn you interest. That is why future earnings need to be discounted to determine the fair value at the present day.

How we calculated The Cost of Capital and Cost of Equity?

The riskier an investment is, the higher the rate of return it must have. In our “Automatic” calculation mode, we used Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) model to calculate a suitable rate of return (discount rate) of the equity for that investment. You can also select the “Manual” option and use any rate to create 1.Best case, 2.Base case and 3.Worse case scenarios and take a weighted average. This is a very useful practice for valuation. 

Tips to set value for the input parameter

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