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What do we Bring?

Investing Tools

We made few Stock price Calculators so that you can calculate intrinsic value by yourself. We made More financial calculators. Use them and make informed decisions.


Our Investment Framework is a 5 steps investment process that will help you choose good stocks. It is based on business fundamentals and value investing principles

Stock Analysis

We analyze stocks using our Chatur Investment Framework. and calculate the fair value of the stock using our stock price calculators. Get qualified stocks' list

Investing Blog

Articles on general investing principles, Personal Finances & Macroeconomics Our blog will help you to become a better investor and financially independent sooner


Our Newsletter and YouTube channel is great resource for tutorials, courses, market news and current economic environment. Update on Famous investors' portfolios.

Investing Ideas

We give a list of qualified stocks that passed through our 5 Step Investment Framework from the OMX Stockholm 30, TSX60, DAX30 and DawJones30 Index

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